Are skill moves the key to master SB?

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Hi fellow SB players. Through FIFA 19, I reached a notch up against the CPU from Pro to World class but now I feel stuck. I first thought that beefing up my squad would help but I realized that the AI adjusts its level accordingly: I perform the same with a 82 team or with a 86 team. I play patiently, move the opponents around but sometimes it’s not enough. I am wondering if the key is to skill move the CPU. Until now, i’ve been using a bit of roll back and fake shots. Tried to croquetize a bit but mostly ended up by throwing the ball upward instead.
Are skill moves the key to reach the next level? Do you use it in SB? Thanks for your feedback.


  • BeastlyHusla
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    You play against the chem. Play low chem teams on legendary and other games on world class or professional to get easy E3. If youre aiming for higher, then you basically want to hit them on counter while forcing them to attack you
  • Drachenfells
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    Be patient, simple passes, use your widemen and dont panic when the a.i decides too score, you cant stop it so dont get angry..... I play legendary team rating 70 of less & chemistry 85 or less, wc 81 or less chemistry 90 or less, always professional if chemistry is 100
  • Gnomenclature
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    Skill moves never work in squad battles because they mark too tight... at least not for me.. drag back works though.

    Counter attacks and corners are usually how I score against the harder settings. Direct attack shots get blocked 9 out of 10 times.
  • Bags
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    I find the key to SB on the top levels is scoring. I tend to play my fitness squad which is a pretty basic prem team with that record breaker Shane Long up front. I play 3-5-2 formation with a high line and fast build up. I also play quite narrow and get shots off at every opportunity. It tends to just out gun them. Don't get me wrong, if they have a 85+ team I can lose on legendary especially when the game decides it just doesnt want me to win but even with those games I will get more changes than the AI.

    Am sure it wouldnt work vs a person cos they would just smash the ball over the top and outpace my basic CB's but the AI never tried this. It tries to ping pong pass and since most of the players are in a small area of the pitch (in their half), it just doesnt work very well for it.

    The only real difference better players make it finishing. If I play my 1st team against the AI in this formation, Prime Best, Zlatan and R10 are far more clinical than Long, gold Anderson etc
  • Mido
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    Skill moves have never helped me in SB. Only thing I have consistent success with is just attacking them and piling men forward.
  • oldboiler
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    I find wide formations work best on SB at Legendary - 4321 with a LF and RF.

    Not even sure patience is the key, hit it wide, run, shot fake, cut back.

    Do not allow the cpu to shoot, it will go in, 99% of the time at the near post.

    Don’t be afraid to hit a first time, long timed finish if you have the chance

    If the cpu starts skill moving or skating side to side they are about to score. Foul them.

    Corners work, for me the highest success is to drag a player for a quick short corner, turn away from goal and hit a lofted cross to the back post.

  • oneskyworld
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    Simple answer is to keep it slow. Don't run, in both defending and attacking.
    Even in Legendary mode, if you slow down, the cpu players will slow down too.
  • bberger
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    Key is to just score first. If you let them get into dropback/ptb you're screwed.. I even managed to lose a game on Professional where I accidently let them score first..
  • Gnomenclature
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    Also, I always hold down L1 when receiving a pass. They are basically glued to all your players... shielding a ball on reception is useful if you need an extra second to pass it on.

    Just keep in mind they can kick right through your players as if they are made of mist lol.
  • Just_Unfair
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    Also look to score from corners as the cpu struggles against players like ibra etc..
  • Brownian_Motion
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    All, thanks very much for the tips. I’ll try new formations and different attacking tempos. I’ve been playing 4-4-2 for a while, using my wingers to cross into the box with a pair of ST with very good physical stats and heading.
    Patience/keep it slow is what allowed me to progress up to certain level, but is definitely not the whole story. On higher difficulty level I feel I have to find the right tempo to not rush like a fool, while building fast enough to create enough chances.
    After all the game i played, I am very puzzled at how players manage to beat elite teams in SB in Ultimate.
  • lIlIlIlIlIl
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    May as well not touch single player as you'll be facing the CPU anyway online :>
  • D0lvl
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    Skill moves are useless against AI. Most of the time they tackle you with precision.

    Score with headers. AI has difficulty defending those.
  • Chet
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    oldboiler wrote: »

    If the cpu starts skill moving or skating side to side they are about to score. Foul them.

    This is underrated advice
  • RebelRob
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    Chet wrote: »
    oldboiler wrote: »

    If the cpu starts skill moving or skating side to side they are about to score. Foul them.

    This is underrated advice

    Also heel2heel on the edge of the box, they tend to stand off for a split second, and shoot immediately after the skill move is performed. I scored 3 goals like this in one game against the top team in legendary, and normally I struggle to get to 5 goals but managed at least 4 every game easily last night.
  • Phoenixtone
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    I find using possession attacking tactic and full back overlaps work. The AI pack the central areas so it gets in behind them.
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