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Which 433 set up do you find most effective and why?


  • YNWA008
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    I was a big 4-3-3 with the holding midfielder. Worked great for me for a while. Was great on counter attacks. Had the 2 midfielders making runs in behind the striker. Had Fabinho as the cdm and he would won most headers and clean everything up
  • Pacey3_16
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    433(4) set the 2 cms to stay back both need either h/h or m/h workrates and it works really well plays very similar to 4231 except i find the wingers are alot more effective than wide cams
  • dylanmaasie
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    4-3-3(5) for me
  • Shaanxz
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    False nine because if you flick through the 433 formations you’ll notice that the wingers are slightly narrower and cdm is deeper than 433 (2)
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