What brings you back?

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This is my first fifa since fifa 15 and with all the BS i'm facing in the game I've made up my mind that I'm not buying fifa 20 but I keep seeing people here saying that everybody says that but eventually buys the next edition and I'm afraid that I'll do the same thing. So what brings you back? Why do you change your mind?


  • MHoney1234
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    The great servers
  • greif44
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    I don't really know why I put so much effort in 19 as it's even worse than previous.
    Can't say I won't touch 20 as it will come with the subscription, but can't see myself being as dedicated as I was
  • Gnomenclature
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    The love of football.. all the live content related to ongoing seasons is a fanboys dream. If the gameplay was improved and the pay 2 win aspect was toned down this game would be incredible.

    Fifa points and crap servers are really the only things wrong with this game. However, if FP was removed then ea wouldn't even bother with promotions and constant content. Double edged sword really.

    I wouldn't mind if it was more like hearthstone and ea just released an expansion pack every 2 or three months for $50. A couple hundred a year is nothing if you're constantly getting entertainment and value for your dollar.
  • limjitwe
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    Just fix the servers for me to have 5 green bars. Never played above 4 ever.
  • madwullie
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    I usually get the buzz for a game around November. Sadly the nature of the game is that it you wait till then you're playing catch up for the rest of the cycle, so I tend to buy it on release and it's usually good enough (I don't have any gameplay issues) for me to stick at it. Tbh I've usually given up by this point, but I'm enjoying 433(5) with toty Messi so.much I'm still here. Obvious flaws aside, I'm enjoying it much more than I did 18. There was only one way to play 18. I feel a few playstyles are effective this year.
  • TeamMushroom
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    The constant and open communication from the EA team surrounding outrages, DR rewards being unbalanced, CL rare card issues, incorrect player details..... oh wait....
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