Trolls in Drop-In

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Cant someone do something about the trolls in drop-in?

Like, only make actual GK be able to pick GK? Only CDMs, LB/RB and CBs choose defensive roles and so on?

And deffo* an option to vote kick players in the lobby?

It would improve the quality of life for anyone who enjoys pro clubs casually like me.

Pls EA


  • karimru
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    1 guy who had no life is every night online between 4 am to 8 am uk time and only what he does is stay on the middle for wast 2 min. He never play and we american players are boring .... he do that each night since 5 month and he never get banned .....

    I use ST build for LB and my club is div 1.

    Ea should add option in game 3 votes of partners = player kicked from the match
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