Has anyone else noticed this latest cheat trend?

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All of a sudden I am playing lots of opponents online who have played less than 50 games (sometimes only 1 game) who are clearly better than the Division I am in, have won the title in every Division getting to where they are and have caused me to fall from Division 5 to Division 9 and can't get promotion out because pretty much everyone I play now clearly should be in a top division. I just get battered every game and it's no fun. I haven't noticed this in previous years, and clearly EA Sports haven't noticed either or have and just don't care about their online community. I'm guessing it's a cheat because they all play in the same way, I can tell who has played a handful of games within 10 seconds of kicking off and their tactical organization is way beyond what the rather crude settings we have at our disposal can offer. Also, they press the full 90 minutes without their players tiring. Can someone explain to me what is happening here, please?


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    I get the same crap, I’ve kept my record all the way through and sit at 471 losses. Probably at least 100 plus have been lost to someone who started again or **** lagging or even scripted games. If the game was as fair as GT sport online it wouldn’t be a problem. Honestly for a game like GT Sport where the graphics and servers are so much better why can’t fifa19 do the same gameplay as if you were playing someone sat next to you on the same console as other games seem to manage no glitches or lagging.
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    Maybe experienced players playing on a second account? I've seen others get bored and start a new ultimate team. I just did that on 18. I ran right through the divisions from 10 to currently 5. My team sucks, but it is interesting to play with players I wouldnt normally play with. I'm D1 on my normal account.

    I'm sure there are those that are relegating themselves, I'm just exploring other options.
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