89 szczszezsny vs Icons

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Well I think since FUT17 there is an GK discussion about OP keepers with low OVR and crap keepers with high OVR.

I have 89 szczesny for a long time and he is ok. But sometimes he is a little weirdo. I’m important situations he could safe a ball which is kicked by my grandma and in other matches he is flying like Spider-Man .....

I just wondering if an icon keeper would be an upgrade. I don‘t want to hear the donnarumma or Handa fan boys... i had both and I haven‘t changed from szczesny

But watching a few fifa YouTubers and reading a few futbin reviews I just wondering if PIM Lehmann, PIM Schmeichel or prime VdS would be an upgrade


  • Maro6590
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  • Lupri
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    Used 89 if for a long time. Now using courtois, and he is better.
  • RVN_10
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    I have prime van der sar and hes like any other keeper, has his good games, makes mistakes, has some absolute shockers, then when you are getting absolutely pummeled by a good player he can save your a** and you will win because of that
  • Maro6590
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    Soo vds is Not Worth the Price Tag ...... what about Lehmann or schmeichel
  • JURITO1000
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    I have PIM Schmeichel and i can just confirm what everybody already knows. Depends on game. I had De Gea 91 and Schmeichel is better overall little bit. But doesnt worth extra 300k. When the game is on your side than even 83 Adan gonna be the best keeper on the game

    EDIT: i have to add that this inconsistency is in all game an all players not just GK. I played yesterday with guy he had 82 rates nif team (like on the beginning of the game) and mine is 93 full of icons and i won 1-0 with some random corner kick goal.

    And he wasnt a extremely good player,he was alright ,he is in division 1 so cant be bad but my players turned to completely uselles bronze players. They didnt make any run and the whole game felt like on slow motion
  • ImAtrocious
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    I really think the only point in using an expensive icon GK is if you need it for the chemistry. If you don't need the chem for your CBs, then any of the top NIF gold keepers are plenty good enough. I have an untradeable Courtois that I've used from the start, and I really have no complaints.
  • The Zodiac
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    Van Der Sar are the most useless GK I ever used. Regular Gold keeper perform much better
  • Insan0
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    How about 94 yashin any reviews on that??
  • JWNYsg
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    I have him on red as well. Seems inconsistent. I’ve played 800 games with him already but feel he’s still second to Handanovic in Italy
  • lIlIlIlIlIl
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    SZCZSZEZSNY yes! I double dare you to spell that name correctly without copypasting! :joy:
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