Custom tactic for Vieira

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Have him as a sole cdm with tactic to stay back while on attack, for some reason he will still go forward? Anyone else experience this? I want him as defensive as possible. Suggestions please?


  • Primal
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    whats your custom tactics on in game? that will affect player movement
  • Noviembre17
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    It's all about game fb de Rossi has medium attacking work rate and even i put stay back on attack instruction sometimes you see him in the box for chasing crosses. I have red if fabinho and he always joins attack no matter what instructions he has. Generally Game decides it.
  • AdamH
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    Make sure you’re not triggering runs.

    If you’re not on fast build up he will get forward more. Possession or drop back and he won’t.
  • JURITO1000
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    Sometimes my PIM Blanc thinking he is better than FB Ibra and he is running across all pitch into the opponent box even i just build up my play in the middle.....fifa 19
  • Theomanny
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    If it’s M/M then they go haywire sometimes and just bump forward. Felt the same with 86 Vieira and prime Rijkaard. **** me off as I only have 1 cdm playing mainly 451. The pain mheen.
  • Nvs
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    Just try Petit PIM, I have both and Vieira Prime still on the bench
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