Can't find opponent

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Have you guys ever been unable to find an opponent in cup, divisions, or friendlies? Yes, I tried numerous different angles - squads, logging in and out, etc .... weird stuff.


  • Yes. What region are you in. I even tried changing my VPN connection to other continents but nope.
  • ryscmc
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    when I play the online seasons in FUT 15 on my mobile device (IOS 9) I try to play the online seasons. connects, finds opponent, but as soon as the kickoff happens the games says ¨failure to sync with your opponent,'' then it shows the score line and I always loose before I have played a single game. I worked hard to get to division 3, but these past few weeks got relegated down to division 7 and havent been able to play a single game. it simply gives a score in favor of my opponent and I loose without playing. This was never an issue until recently.
    if anyone has a suggestion, let me know.
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