NIF Marcelo vs SIF Sandro

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just pack 89 rated sandro who would fit into my main team but have have been already using Marcelo who is untradable so really not sure what to do

am not strap for coins have like 2 mil and already have my end game team

what should i do

thanks in advance


  • Maximus AK47
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    If I were you , it would be easy decision : if Marcelo is untradable, then sell Sif Sandro ... and keep Marcelo

    Sandro is better defensively, he is just more solid and reliable . And quicker .

    Marcelo is good to keep the ball and to support attacking buildup
    But the con is , he may appear out of position sometimes and can’t catch pacy winger after pass in open semi **** area
  • fred1266
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    ok thanks mate
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