Neymar, no matter how talented is a disgrace

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The man has issues clearly. Yelling at injured players while it is fine for him to roll on the ground going for an academy award?

His entitled attitude is not fun to watch and is a big part of what is wrong with football and sports in general. Neymar reminds me of LaVar Ball and his spoiled brood.

Fitting that PSG lost. God don’t like ugly and the way Neymar behaves at times is quite ugly.


  • ViVaWhom
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    we have reqlly destroyed their whole club :joy:
  • Gervonta
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    Neymars always been a spoilt brat.
  • SDoofus
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    ViVaWhom wrote: »
    we have reqlly destroyed their whole club :joy:

    It was a kamikaze attack.
  • BGAlum
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    It also appears he is influencing Mbappe too as he is displaying some of the same behavior.
  • Jboom98
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    I like this discussion I've always loved Lionel messi and Gareth bale keep their lives private and just love football unlike Neymar and Ronaldo both are selfish if someone else in the team scores they have temper tantrums and btw I'm talking about when Ronaldo was at Real Madrid onwards he changed Neymar is the biggest cheat of the game time wasting when he's been tackled lying on the grass as if he's been beaten up I completely agree Neymar is a spoilt brat he's a show pony which means he's a boring person it's all an act on the pitch don't get me wrong he is talented but he's frustrating to watch instead of scoring he's diving I don't see the point of a defender tackling him he still rolls about like he's been beaten up he is a bad example of the product of lots of money.
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