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Do you think we will get a decent Prem TOTS CAM this year?

On the verge of doing the Eriksen SBC. Am I best of waiting?



  • Skinnywizard
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    I’m in the same boat wondering the same thing. I already have birthday Willian, if I do the SBC for Eriksen I’ll have two untradeable CAMs and i usually run a 41212. I could try 4231 again but the last time I did it felt kinda chaotic going forward.

    Seems like Eriksen is a great value, even though I hadn’t like his informs this year as much as I liked 91 KDB.
    Hopefully the 93 Eriksen is that much of a stud that he outshines 91 and 92 KDB. But for 300k plus a couple more rare mega packs to hold onto for TOTS, I’m definitely on the verge of doing it too.
    Couple people on Reddit have said this 93 Eriksen is legit but I’m on the fence trying to decide
  • DicaniosGod
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    Should have done the Willian SBC, he’s dope!
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