Are the advanced SBCs worth doing?

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I was just looking at the advanced SBCs (league and nations hybrids etc) and some of them look to,have decent packs for the price. Are these generally worth doing or are the League SBCS better?


  • FifaAlien123
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    Yes do them all it’s easy profit
  • spy
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    Thanks. Have got these all done now - didn’t cost a huge amount so definitely worth doing I think. Takes ages though and quite tedious -if you couldn’t use solutions from futbin I can imagine they would be an absolute nightmare! The ones where you need some silver or bronze players are the worst though as there are so few of the cards available on the market!

    Got a good number of packs from this now :D
  • Gooner93
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    Not really anymore, pack weight is so low. They were good in past fifas
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