Random & Ridiculus Online Game Speeds

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What the he'll is going on with the speed of the game Online????

One day it's sluggish and the next it's 1000mph which is fine if you want to spam your opponents and just score any sweaty goal you can but it's almost unplayable in a passing style, especially with the unresponsive/random nature of first time passing !!!!!!!

The game has enough issues as it is without this too.


  • Neil_LUAFC
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  • Str8hii
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    I went from 2200 sp to 1998 sp since patch didnt win a single game all of them were slugish slow and switching to wrong players at least its consistent for me
  • FifaVet
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    I have no doubt that there are different versions of FIFA 19 if you play online, so one match can feel totally different from the other one in terms of handling, animations etc.. As soon as you connect to ea"s server you're entering a portal basically into a online version of FIFA. Fut and season for example are different version of FIFA.
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