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Hi, I have an idea for pro clubs. I'm from Spain and I think about a regional and national tournament. About ending June, when people finish studying, you can do this tournaments. Each region will have a X number of participants, they can enroll a week before this. I think in about 32 teams per region, or more than one tournament and number of participants if the region is bigger or less if the region is smaller. The rewards can be FIFA points or something cool. The tournament will have a group stage and after that, the eliminatories.The winner and the finalist of each region will be able to compete in the NATIONAL TOURNAMENT, much bigger and difficult. The competition format will be the same as the regional tournament, and will have better rewards.

● Your player must have a minimum of 85 overall.
● Your team must have at least 5 members enrolled.
● There can't be any player controlled automatically ( goalkeeper also have to be controlled manually)
● To enroll, a member of the team will send the name of the club , all nicknames of all the players that are going to participate and the platform to an email direction created for that or something similar.

● The results will appear in the pro clubs menu.
● The matches will appear in the pro clubs menu to ease you know who's your opponent and also it will appear the classification of the tournament to follow it.
● There will be a "tournament" window in the pro clubs menu. If you go there, there will be your team squad and a window for the opponent. There will be set an hour to the match. At the hour of the match, in your team squad will be appering your friends when they are entering the match. When the opponent is ready, it will appear "ready!" in his window. There will be max 20 min of waiting if one or both teams aren't ready. If a team isn't ready by that time,automatically loses the match. If this happens with both teams, the team with better overall players wins.
● If you don't have the minimum of people, or not all your players are controlled manually, you are disabled to start the game. If someone leaves the match, another person of your team will control that player. If the goalkeeper leaves, a player previously designed will control him and his player will be controlled by another person, but if you are 5 people and a player leaves, you loose the game.
● I think that in stage groups, it can be two matches a day ( one at the morning I think at 11:00 am and another at nigth, I think at 10:00 pm.) The day after a match is for rest and next day the competition will continue.
● I think that eliminatories must be at night, also the final.
● The matches will be set randomly.
●This is applicable for regional and national tournament.
● The national tournament will start a week after the ending of the last final of the regional tournaments.

Hope to see it in the game, thanks for reading.
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