What are the best current custom tactics to use?

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I have been away from playing the game for a couple of months and on playing a few games this week seem to be all over the place. With the updates has the game changed (since January) in a way that there is a best formation/tactics to use?

Thanks in advance


  • Bakudu76
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    Everything balanced. Not kidding
  • BombSquadPuppy
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    Bakudu76 wrote: »
    Everything balanced. Not kidding

    Exactly this if you want to play football

    If you want to abuse exploits just search youtube for these streamers promoting certain “play styles”
  • im playing hardcore extreme fun and pants down tactics ...

    41212 - drop back 5 + 10

    fast build up play 5 + 10 +2+2

    games are like rugby.scores

    love it
  • Andytangerine
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    Thanks guys.. i changed a few things but mainly upgraded in a few areas and seems to be fine.

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