Pre tots team changes

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Well sorry guys... I think this might be the 1000000th thread about coins before tots....

But I really need your help.

I have the 91 version of ronaldinho and I am really happy with him. He is the kind of player I want for the striker position... but when I see his price I am thinking about selling him and buy carnival Mertens instead....

Good move ?


  • MHoney1234
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    Possibly the worst swap in the history of FUT
  • Maro6590
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    MHoney1234 wrote: »
    Possibly the worst swap in the history of FUT

    I played both. I know that dinho is better than Mertens because of his strength. I am not a skillet so I don‘t care about skill moves

    But at this point the value of a player is also an important point.... the loss with dinho while tots will be way bigger than with Mertens. Could buy dinho back when he has gone in price
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