Player career mode

Can you make the player career mode more realistic (eg actually have a contract length, negotiation screen for transfer/contract extension talks, send agent to approach other clubs) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!


  • Gossen
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    I totally agree! It’s not realistic that you play in a club for five years with the same salary.

    There you should be able to have a contact negotiation like you have with players when you’re a manager.

    Have anyone been a team captain of a team?

  • hey guys
  • I’m using player career mode and i’m having a big issue. my player is a 23 year old 88 overall striker. he just won the euro cup with italy and won the golden boot. he also scored 58 goals over the last two years in the serie b. however, he is not able to receive any transfer offers at all. his wage is 102,500,000. i’ve been trying to get him transferred every transfer window but still doesn’t receive any offers at all. when i put him on loan, he only gets crap teams like huddersfield and düsseldorf. Is there any way i can fix this?
  • Vix14
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    Would love if they could let us keep an agent like PES does.
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