Getting kicked out of fut

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Was playing a few games, checked my transfer list and it said couldnt connect etc...

Exited FUT, theres a message about an update. Load up FUT and get the message "we are sorry but there has been an error connecting tofut. You will be returned to the fifa 19 main menu".

Anyone else?


  • DeanoZoff
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    Trying to get some of these weekly objectives done but lo and behold EAs hamsterwheel servers wont let me....

    Even on squad battles
  • Davola77
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    Same here. The one day I have to get these objectives done, typical
  • Ybiza
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    Same here. Typical EA
  • Dan is Clutch
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    Think the patch came out. You probably need to restart your console.
  • Campino
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    1.5 gig
  • Ivegotalobon
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    Just go to your apps and the update will be waiting, once downloaded it should let you in.

    Yet another 1.53gb to download, but all they have done is a handful of player faces and stopped us using multiple player types in an sbc right... right?
  • DeanoZoff
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    Thought closing the app down and reopening would work but it didnt.

    Restarted the console and all is sorted
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