Prime Raul or Prime Butragueno?

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Or wait for TOTS?


  • DeanoZoff
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    1. As a striker?

    2. In a duo or lone striker?
  • Baker
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    Raul if you use skill moves, Butragueno if you don’t.
  • Vacant
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    Butra is fantastic, but the lack of 4* skills meant I traded him in.
  • Wattagunt
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    Had them both. Both very good not top tier level but very good.

    Ended up keeping Raul and putting butragueno in for a different icon. The height/heading/skills/passing made him the more effective player for me.

  • RebelRob
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    Raul has been immense for me tbh.

    Over 500 games and still can’t drop him despite having to play him at rcam.

    As a striker he’s too notch, not so much as a wide cam but his jumping and heading is cr7 level and he has a rocket of a left foot and a good enough right.

    Personally I can’t use 3* skillers, the la croqueta and other skill moves help massively when needing a bit of space.
  • Campino
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    Butra always ruins me
  • Moiizer
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    I have both and used them for 500+ games each. Both fantastic with the pros and cons. Butra is great for shooting at any opportunity and Raul is great for crosses. Personally i enjoyed Raul more.

    Fwiw both are on the bench now though lol so maybe wait for TOTS
  • Diggy
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    I have both love both got Eusebio & 1 had to drop to the bench the 4* skills & height won it for me

    Butragueño is awesome still though won’t get rid, off the bench his speed & agility ruins tired defenders late in the game
  • Mossup
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    Not really a skiller so Butra might be better in that case, but I do like to cross so maybe Raul.
    Still undecided.
  • nitraw
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    havent used butra this year. i used messi and currently have mid baggio so they're somewhat similar to him.

    i have close to 300 games for raul and he's a monster still. very very happy i did his sbc back then because he's been well worth it.
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