Bored of serie a defenders

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Every time i face a premiere league or la liga team/defence with ramos, van dijk, or varane, i can feel the difference with my serie a defence. They are very OP so i decided to switch to an hybrid defence!

Robertson-van dijk-varane-pavard(because i’ve it untradeable) with courtois as Gk was my first idea. I’m also impressed by ramos and david luiz fb when i face them.

Do you have any suggestions for other possibilities? I use lb and rb mainly as defensive, never attack with them, use them with stay back instructions

Edit: i talk about nif or special versions, no toty


  • AdamH
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    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Serie A defenders. Manolas/Benatia/Skriniar/FS Jesus are all immense. Plus they have two of the best full backs in the game in Sandro and Cancelo
  • Lupri
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    I’m a serie a fan too. I’m testing in some wl games a defence with vvd and varane. I think they are better of any serie a defender... i have to admit it... they seem to have better positioning
  • Greezyweezy101
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    VVD is the most annoying card to play against. He has a license to foul.
  • Nazgul
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    I was using koulibaly 90 and skriniar headliner, seemed pretty solid
  • IAIK7
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    NIF Manolas and FutSwap Jesus have been immense for me.
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