Type of issue I am dealing with

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Common EA get it right with this kind of crap, such a shame as a company who doesn’t listen to community look at the game play experience! I have fiber as internet plus hard wired have a degree in networking absolutely know how this crap works. This company will never listen. How do you even suppose to play a single game with this kind of BS .l. EA


  • MHoney1234
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    Pretty sure speed up lag is your end. Input lag is at the EA end
  • Mmandras
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    I have to agree, it does seem like something's wrong on your end.

    This happened to me only once or twice, when I accidently left torrent client active. In WL and Rivals all you get is consistent delay, but playable.

    One of the explanations would be that opponent is using some kind of DDOS tool/hack to hinder your connection.

    EA is often criticized for it's incompetent server infrastructure, but this kind of bs is very rare in Fifa 19, thanks to dedicated servers.
  • MysticMario
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    I get this every game! How do I fix this also near enough same set up as OP.
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