How is EoE Ramsey?

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has anyone used him extensively?


  • Bigfootisblurry
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    87 games.

    He's decent at everything and brilliant at nothing. I've used him at CDM , cm and CCAM and he does a job in all of them. Good at winning the ball back, decent finishing, ok in the air.
  • Colt_seevers
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    ^exactly what this guy says
  • Str8hii
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    Trasshhh im so dissapointed bc im arsenal fan 2nd bc i wasted lots of coins to get him
  • YNWA008
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    Shonosuke wrote: »
    has anyone used him extensively?

    I enjoy him. Like said above good at everything but great at nothing. Wins a lot of balls back and I’ve scored some great goals with that rocket shot of his. I spent nothing really on this had unteadables so I’m not complaining
  • TheRagingRightback
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    Nice solid player. He's a cool head in the middle of the field. You know what you're going to get out of him.

    He's been a nice addition to my team. He's played maybe 40-50 games so far.
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