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Wanted to report an error in the game that both deletes players and more importantly the record of them even have being purchased. The missing 10k coins is not the thing that bothers me... but the value of real cash money of players in the game and the fact they can disappear and support refuses to acknowledge any error or send info further up the chain. I also contacted a game changer who wasn't to interested (without video proof) so have come to the forum in hope of explaining to some one that will listen (so I hope this message gets to you).

If you wish to look into the matter further my account name is Bin4ryW4rrioR playing on PC.

Today between 4 - 5ish pm UK time

I purchased several profitable players for marquee match ups, one of these players was Andreas Pereira right mid plays for Manchester United.

If you look at my account will see I have played a ridiculous amount of hours, I know my way around the game :). This is not an enquiry of whether this happened, I am reporting a very serious bug and am 1,000,000% this is the case.

When the SBC was dropped I tried to list the player amongst many between 6 - 7 pm UK. This specific player got an error message I have never seen in listing thousands of players.

"The market is hotting up, please readjust the price" or very similar to this. I gathered this was EA telling me the price had been adjusted? I would like to know what this message is actually for... Anyway I increased the price which was lower than others and tried to relist for several minutes.

There is no question I bought the player I literally tried to list him for sometime at different prices and as such was staring at him for some amount of time.

After five or so minutes I gave up, my guess was there was some price range update, so I logged out and logged back in and the player was gone. Not in transfer list or club so I called support.

Support could not find the player and then went on after a lengthy call to explain there was no record of me even buying the player. I tried to explain exactly as above that there was no question of me purchasing the player but they refused to help in anyway and basically said get lost there is no record.

This I understand they probably get many similar calls made in error every day, I asked for a supervisor in the hope he would actually listen to what I was reporting. I spoke with a technical supervisor by the name of Hamad Mohd in some length, taking his point of view and trying to explain there is an error in the game, explaining why I was so sure. He was not interested in anything other than his records. Which had no record of this player being bought.

So I hope you will understand, whatever this message was "Market is hotting up, please readjust your price" and whatever is causing this message (please do let me know what it was trying to tell me, price adjustment maybe?)

Has both deleted the player and any record of me having purchased him more importantly. Now the 10k I lost is not really the issue (although it would be nice if it could be returned having gone to several lengths to report this bug). What really bothers me is the price of real cash of some of the players in the game and that any record of having purchased them can be deleted and the player lost. I myself spent more than I usually would on a game and knowing this fact now is quite unsettling.

On top of this support refuse to listen to any evidence of there being an error and unless every player is constantly recording all his game play this fate might befall them. Of course now I know if I see this error I can create some form of proof, but until it happens no one will be expecting such an outcome and could lose hundreds if not thousands of pounds invested.

Again I have played more hours than I am willing to share on this forum, I am a OG PC gamer (far from being young or confused), with a degree in Computer Science and am far from losing my marbles to have imagined trying to list this specific player for best part of 5 minutes.

If you need any more specifics feel free to get in touch. Sadly I have the ability to record such a thing but like most I turn this function off for maximum frames and had no clue the player would disappear hence had no reason to even think about taking a screen shot etc.

I hope you can take me at word and I also hope to get some response.

Many thanks



  • had the same message last week a few times about the market is hotting up and i couldn't list the player . IF i remember correctly the player reappeared a while later - it wasn't an expensive player but i can't for the life of me remember his name .

    it happened with 2 different players one of them was 84 rated and was selling for 10 or 11k and i had to list him for less than that but i think he disappeared and i lost the coins .

    i'd forgotten about it until i just saw your post.
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    Everything else aside the most worrying part is that it has wiped any record of the player being bought on their system. I guess that is the point I am trying to get across. My player was not expensive either... on the other hand I do have many expensive players in the club and am planning to delve in to bigger transfers.

    Having all record of a player never having been purchased is very worrying.

    Thanks for posting your similar issue.
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