Is FIFA 19 on PC Broken Or Am I Matching With E-Sports Players All The Time?

I don't get it, I bought the game some time ago and all the matches I've been getting either has more than 6 Icons or many 90+ rated players. Is it because of cheaters or is it something normal on division 4?


  • keronc
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    That is normal at this stage of the game. With the SBC's, WL, DR and Squad Battles, it is much easier to get top rated players. Plus the Player SBC's have given us a lot of good players. I have taken only untradeable rewards from the DR and have done all the marquee matchup SBC's. With all those packs, I got enough players to complete a few really good player SBC's and a few icons.

    Also, There are a lot of players with high rated teams who relegate themselves to the lower divisions for easier matches.
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