The Truth about Fut Draft

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Wanted to create a true picture of what Fut-Draft on PC is like.
Because there are so many disconnect cheaters I will show you how bad it is.
Some chrases your game. Some freezes your game and some just dissapear and you come back on the menu.
Fun fact if you get returned to the menu after facing a cheater you still get a lost on your draft record even though your still in the draft. Now i am a person who dont really care about my record but it makes a good picture on how the online draft on pc really is.


This is my draft record.
28 Entries
25 wins
AND 42 Loses.
Just by the Entries to loses ratio I have faced 14 cheaters. (I also faced people who havent cheated but left at a draw and the record did not change then.) And that is not accounting the ones who disconnects you or freezes the game.
This is what PC players face. This is what PC draft is. and most of the times you will not be compensated when elimenated by a cheater.

If anyone else have played draft alot and faced many cheaters. Take a picture of your draft record and post it here. Lets show EA how BAD the cheating in draft Really is.


  • Springveldt
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    Those guys that left while drawing were cheating also...
  • humping_klown
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    that's just a snipped of reporting players .

    today though i am dismayed to find people i have reported - still receiving their fut champs rewards and not being removed from the leaderboard .

    One of them - is such an obvious cheater that it only takes to look at the replays channel and see the scoreline of the replays and the stats of those replays !

    0% possession 0 shots on target 0 corners 0 everything but upon watching the replays the opposition had won the game and then the cheat had caused the game to freeze .

    we need a campaign @EA_Andy just like we had with coin sellers/buyers - messages on screen telling users that cheating will lead to a permanent ban.

    Match coin earned leaderboard - those accounts need to be acted upon .

    People that 'play' 75 matches in a day and winning those 75 matches! - that will take about 25 hours a day ... IMPOSSIBLE!

    Limit the number of drafts a person can do per hour and per day.

    People who constantly have 90% + shots on target - the game is not engineered to behave in that way . I'm sure we've all seen the videos posted in the general discussion forum about wayward finishing from top rated players .

    i could go on and on ..

    People complain about delay - i'd bet my last penny that most of that delay is caused by pc cheaters . Not cheating to cause delay but rather causing the delay by cheating .

    Nothing in the way EA does things deters cheating .

  • guinho
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    EA dont care of PC customers.
  • Pauwel_2002
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    What can you do when your screen freezes in the first minute. I once waited for 5-10 minutes and close the game myself. This happened 2 times to me in the final.
  • humping_klown
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    What can you do when your screen freezes in the first minute. I once waited for 5-10 minutes and close the game myself. This happened 2 times to me in the final.

    i waited and waited and waited when it happened to me in weekend league . I think they are relying on you quitting / closing the game so the win 'looks' genuine .

    when i waited and it was probably 15 minutes + in truth the guy eventually got fed up of waiting and suddenly the game didn't count - lost connection with opponent blah blah.

    the thing i recommend doing is ( if you own one ) record the screen with your phone from the moment you search for an opponent until kick off . Perhaps rest your phone against something so it doesn't interfere with your match ... and if the opponent 'disconnect' or freeze the game .. you have recorded the Origin ID of the cheater and you can report them with rock solid proof .
  • xttrust
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    Do you really want to see what DRAFT on PC means?
    Look how much money I have lost because of hackers. About 20% of them was real players.


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