Prime Eusebio vs 89 Eusebio

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I've used his base card as striker and was imence, is his prime worth the extra coins?


  • futaddict79
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  • fussydutchman
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    I started out the with the 89 and then upgraded to the prime and have used that for more than 700 games now. Yes, the prime is an upgrade, especially in the shooting and finishing. It really just depends on what your coin situation is. If you don’t mind the 800k upgrade, then I’d definitely do it. If you’re tight on coins, it might not be worth it. But overall i think you will find it to be a good upgrade.
  • 206xhpt
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    Upgraded to the prime myself this weekend and he's worth the upgrade. Like stated before if you can afford it definitely worth it. Just depends on coin situation.
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