LOL, hi people! ya'll know how they've added womens international teams to the game? I think they should do that for a career mode as well, like yes being able to play in all of those big leauges like the premier and laliga, i think they should add the option to be a woman in the game for a career, hopefully someone agrees :)


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    The lack of women is the least of CM's current problems. It would certainly be a nice touch, but shouldn't be worked on until everything is sorted out.
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    Everyone wants their own thing and its understandable followers of womens football will want to control or play as womens clubs. Be good if they included it. I'm not one for player career mode, but if there was a way in manager mode to manager a womens side and still have opportunity to move to a mens team in same career that would certainly be of interest to me
  • Hi. I absolutely agree. I'm a father of 3 young children and life is super busy. FIFA is one of the few games I play when I have time. Maybe twice a week. I recently got my wife and my daughter to play and they really enjoyed it (both are new to soccer so it's a really big deal). They both wanted to start a new career because they've seen me playing. But if they did they would have been forced to make a male player. EA Sports, you have all of the individual components to make this happen. You've separately created the female teams and career mode. It would be really cool if we could create a female player in career mode. I can tell you firsthand, the demand is there. I'm a huge fan and I love playing FIFA. It would mean a LOT to a LOT of women if you added female career players. I'm actually a software developer too so I would understand if you started with USA and then incrementally expanded to other global leagues. I don't know if this is on your radar but I'm hoping to convince you that this is important and lots of female gamers would love this. This is all. Thanks.
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