Who’s starting fifa 20 FUT with zero fifa points next year?

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I literally can’t wait to start next year with zero, spending £250 on this years kinda took the enjoyment out for me this year, haven’t spent nothing in 4 month and much prefer trying to save up and pack luck with rewards


  • Damo_Suzuki
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    I always spend 0. If you think spending nothing will give you reward think again. The awful delay and 'dodgy' gameplay destroy any enjoyment full stop. And it takes away the pleasure of grafting. I would say the only enjoyment would be to not buy it and play other games. Which is what i plan to do. That being said, at least i only feel robbed of time not money.
  • iTaLenTZ
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    After the amount of **** we had to take from EA you are still thinking about buying Fifa20!?!?! EA has never made it more easier for me to quit. This was my last fifa 100%.
  • Dmb75
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    Will be doing zero and might try first owner.
  • Bags
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    Spent zero this year and sitting on around 3.5m with a decent team including a couple of prime icons. Much more satisfying than giving EA my money
  • Jpo41
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    I'll be sitting at zero. Not buying it.
  • Retropoe82
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    I'll get ultimate as i do every year an be as unlucky in packs as i have this year..

    Just hope they keep it enjoyable.
  • bberger
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    After this farce I'm honestly considering not buying 20.. made the mistake to buy 19, even tho only a few days after release (usually bought first day after I stopped pre ordering this shambolic excuse of a game).

    And since it sat there for months being untouched I fell back into the trap. HOPEFULLY I learned from my mistake this year and won't buy it at all. I'm cinsidering even selling my PS4 and XB1 just in case I get tempted..

    That's how bad and toxic this game is..
  • lIlIlIlIlIl
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    Most likely not starting 20 at all. They really dropped the ball this year.
  • Tennster10
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  • xFATAL
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    If I do play next year (Big IF) It will be the first Fut that I won't spend any extra other than the price of the actual game. Haven't bought FP since Futmas so my addiction has been cured thanks to EA's greed.

    But honestly I would like to spend extra money on this game and just have fun because I do have disposable income but EA have killed the enjoyment this year and hit it's loyal supporters of the game with the final middle finger with this latest Icon BS.
  • CheeseSlice
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    last year i spent £100 and finnished with prime r9 gullit and maldini sbcs and i blew 3 mill on world cup mode.

    this year i got the game christmas day.... 2 weeks of 50k rewards and toty market.crash helpd me get to 4.5 mill. just buy low ...wait abit and sell high. only played about 70 games and now im on 9 mill liquid . sold 400 falcao for 13k after spending 5k on each.
    people cant be.bothered to trade ....
    fifa points are a mugs game imo
  • Gavlaaaarrr
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    Aw I agree with all of you’s about the game being bad but where do I get my football fix? Pro evo is shocking and while fifa is honestly the worst it’s been
  • BernaLeo87
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    iTaLenTZ wrote: »
    After the amount of **** we had to take from EA you are still thinking about buying Fifa20!?!?! EA has never made it more easier for me to quit. This was my last fifa 100%.

  • lucas
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    Got fifa this year as present and won’t buy it next year
  • Djkhalid1921
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    i bought fifa 19 in january this year because i was fed up with ea and figured id give them 1 more chance. no way am i getting 20...
  • Navraat
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    There's no need, you can make 1.5m a month with light trading, by TOTY should be able to afford 2 of them
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    Today i thought stuff it its been like almost 4 months since i last played the game and i will give it a chance.

    2 games later i turned the game off and taking another lenghty break and i put trials rising back on :D

    I'm not sure what ea are doing with their patches but it's very obvious that ea don't have a clue what they're doing the whole entire game is a complete shambles
  • Bakudu76
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    Started with zero fp and sitting just short of the top100 in terms of coins. Might start with FP fifa 20 to kickstart my training method
  • Just DON'T BUY FIFA 20!!!
    that'll force EAids to listen!
  • bjornini
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    I'm ready for it

    (I'm from Belgium, so no other option :| )
  • Nervous_Nick
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    I consider myself a belgian citizen when it comes to fifa :D
  • Can't justify buying it again, ea are ripping off the customers, I complained to them about the sbc gold upgrades, traded a complete gold team, all sellable, only to be given back the worst one I traded as an untradeable, and it happened every single time, then there is the gameplay, my 95 pace right winger is getting outstripped by a 70 pace, then the WL, I have an 88 rated team but only ever play a team full of icons, they claim its a fair system.... It really isn't, its just a money grab this year, nothing more, they have taken the fun out of it.
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