How bad are M/M workrate on strikers?

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I want to pair HL Reus and Havertz up top but bothing being M/M might be an issue


  • iRusty_yo
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    I’ve been using POTM Reus at striker in the second half, he does ok.

  • Navraat
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    i wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy
  • Boysie91
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    M/L is usable but M/M never works for me.
  • Nivaze
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    I have no issues with Messi’s M/M workrates, but I’m using him like a playmaker in a 2 striker formation.

    I’m not sure wether 2 strikers with M/M workrates would work tho.
  • greif44
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    I think it depends on the player.
    Reus, Messi, Stoichkov make great runs and always seem to be in the right place
    Some like Perisic are really lazy and out of action
  • Str8hii
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    Auba m/l makes me not wanna use him but that potm sbc was expensive af
  • holdenwait
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    doesn't bother me at all, used del piero as striker 1000 games last year had 1000 goals :D

    reus is fine too
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