RTTF Aurier

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Do I sell Aurier now for 250k, or keep him? He’s risen in value, but unsure if he will increase anymore. Could replace with Walker, which would free up 200k, which would be useful.

Appreciate Aurier is the better card, but with TOTS not far away, is it worth taking the coins??


  • Boommaametw3
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    Hmm if City score the first goal, he will drop a lot like more than half even if spurs go through he will drop a little due to undercutting.
    260K won't last for ivorian player. Sell like 30 minutes before the game. Don't wait, if city score first his price will never recover to 260K again
  • AliT
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    Cool. Thanks for the update. He’s 260k now, so might just sell. Hmmm.
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