Regular suarez or uefa benzema

I have Suarez and flashback ibra upfront but I can do the benzema for about 20k and they look very similar so should I sell Suarez and get him


  • P1tch_1nvaderz88
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    I wouldn't, save your coins for a better SBC
  • Wortel1981
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    I had the same, but i completed benzema also for 20k and took the gamble, haven't played with him yet but i think for 20k it is worth the gamble.
    I'm gonna play him at cam in a 4231, if he doesn't perform you can always go back to suarez.

    I'm also gonna try totgs griezmann in futswap if i can get 12 tokens
  • Neal1982
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    Played against that Benzema last night, tore me a new one
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