You should be worse to take better rewards. Why?!

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This is my second year playing at fifa. I started from Silver 2 as my first WL result. Week by week I trying slightly improving my skills and now i can take Gold 2 without any problem. My last result is 19-11. And what is my rewards? 83&84 useless red cards + two 80-rated cards as best cards from all packs.

This is my 8 or 9 Gold 2 in a row (except last week when I just don't have time to play all games and take G3 with Zapata 87&Marquinos 88 red guys) plus 2-3 earlier. I reached Gold 3 approximately 12 times. So, my best red picks:

Gold 2: 85-1, 84-5
Gold 3: 88-3, 87-5, 86-4

Look like it's not random. Every time now I think about stop at G3 but still take G2 just because take higher tier is more fun for me. But now I almost give up..and loosing motivation to's just for me???


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