Top Minor Improvements to make a Major Change

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edited April 8
Career mode is quite a fun idea and has a lot of potential but needs changes, here’s a few I feel would make it better, people like and get EA Sports to view this. Please leave comments of your views and like thank you for the support

1. Contracts
It may not be a massive thing but this would make it more realistic as you could leave your club after your contract expires or have a meeting to discuss extension.

2. Player Relationships
In the real football world players talk and can convince players to move clubs one idea that could be added is you can contact/contacted by players trying to get you to play for the club (suitable players and clubs, international links?)

3. Substitute
The most unrealistic thing is you must be in the starting XI or you can’t play at all, You should be allowed to be brought on as a sub or request to be on as a sub to the manager. (They have this on Hunter Returns)

4. Postional Play

Every player in their career will play at least one postional change where it is CDM to CM or CB to LB. In career mode you should be aloud to change your position as well as your manager asking you to play at a new positions eg. Emails you or has meeting.

5. Referee Talking
The most realistic thing would be the crowding of players around the ref when his whistle is blown, you should have a button to allow u to state your case sometimes win it or sometimes make it worse for your self.

6. Captain Roles
The point of this is the captain should be allowed to challenge the call made by a ref and have the power to talk to the manager at half time or during a sub and request a change in tactics etc. Anther key point in this is LET NEW PLAYERS BE CAPTAIN. You probably notice if you move clubs or create a pro you don’t get captain in real life yes you don’t get this right away that is very rare but you should be given the chance to captain your international team after a few seasons or if you are one of the highest rated players

7. Transfers
Transfers are confusing on Fifa but in real life you rarely have to be put on the transfer list to get offers. You should always receive transfer offers by similar or bigger teams or loan offers by smaller teams. You should have the option to block this if you are happy at your club and don’t want it. Another issue is pricing which is often to close to your value which in real life isn’t common. ONE KEY POINT is you should have the chance to list up to 3 teams that you like or have interest in playing for

8. Tactics
When playing with a pro all you know is the formation. To be more real and help you get better grade you should have access to the tactics which the manager chooses eg. FastBuildUp/ Long Ball
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