Unbalanced matchmaking

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Anybody else who plays div 1 as a two man team should know the frustration of being matched against 4 man+ teams, even when the setting match with the same amount of players is on, I get that there might not be a lot of 2 man teams in div 1 but i’d much rather wait a while to be matched with them so it’s a fair game.


  • Numberofluck27
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    There is no matching with the same amount, but I understand what you mean.
  • SonicKante
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    The point of pro clubs is to recruit as many strong players as you can and play. If you want to play with 2 and match 2 then play co op seasons. You are essentially complaining about the concept of pro clubs. If you want to ask for different leaderboard and therefore different matchmaking structures do it. Otherwise you are complaining about the point of clubs. Get more players from communities if you aren't happy playing with 2 men and build a contact list of strong players. You sound like you are being lazy recruitment wise and blaming EA for it.
  • karimru
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    I agree about unbalanced matchmaking.

    We are 4 and we play with out any vs 5 + any.

    We put ANY ON but some time it not working.

  • xCDHx
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    In FIFA’s a few years ago you could match up to the number of players you faced.

    Not sure how this was removed as don’t see why anyone would object to playing against the same amount of players.
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