Absolutely buzzing! My highest ever WL finish

Ze Jay
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In questionably the worst weekend league this fifa due to half the teams I've faced today having attribute cards on players I just completely smashed my best ever finish.

This fifa I've not missed a single weekend league and up until now gold 2 has been my best ever finish which I've only achieved twice before with one being last week.

I just went on a 9 game win streak to get myself elite 3 out of seemingly nowhere and I'm absolutely buzzing!
I guarantee I'll never get anywhere near this again :sweat_smile:


  • Pikachu
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    Nice one mate, well played. :)
  • PlanetBerg
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    Good stuff! Congrats
  • Xtrem3 Poptarts
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    Nice one lad, what’s the squad?
  • 2easym8
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    Well done mate! :)

    This isn’t what I wanted to see tho.. I don’t usually play WL as I don’t have much time outside of work and family but being holidays I thought I’d give it a go.

    I’ve managed 13-7 so far and really only want G3. I might need to go for the last 10 games and see what happens!
  • Ugri
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    Congrats!! My best is 19 but now i know a man can dream! Awesome.job!!
  • JuliantbX
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    Nice one lad, what’s the squad?

  • Bobo23
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    edited April 8
    Congrats. I'm at the opposite end of the spectrum this weekend. Had my best finish hitting 23 wins last week, and struggling to my worst ever finish this weekend by finishing on 16 wins and not even making G2 :D
  • chaser2k15
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  • weims
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    Congrats bud
  • Pugzilla
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    Nice one lad, what’s the squad?

  • Joestoe
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    Gzz mate! Nicely done!
  • SupaNoodle1990
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    It’s a good feeling, congrats mate.
  • Nervous_Nick
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    Nice one mate, here are a Kagawa and a Viviano for your efforts!! :D
  • Joestoe
    4903 posts Big Money Move
    Nice one mate, here are a Kagawa and a Viviano for your efforts!! :D


    Gold 1 is arguably be more profitable than E3 though. Especially if you stack the packs till TOTS and pack a blue.

    I've had more luck with the 100k packs than with the TOTW packs. Best pull from them was SMS last week.
  • Dan is Clutch
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    Highest ever finish during the week where they accidentally allow attribute cards.. coincidence. :smirk:

    Congrats! ;)
  • Currieman
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    Good work, well done!

    I seem to have gone backwards in my quest for Elite. Only managed 19 wins this week!
  • Yusuf11
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    Well done mate

    I'm 2 away, always
  • Ze Jay
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    edited April 8
    You guys are going to look at my team and ask how I'm only getting gold 3 but I'm an average player with a super team. (Cr7, De Gea and Aurier the only tradable cards) I change to this at kick off and if at half time I've not created anything I switch to 41212
    I've been super lucky with reward packs this year, I've not bought any fifa points :smile:
  • Smiley_Utd
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    congrats dude, I hope your rewards are worth it! I'm still pushing myself to get there one day. G1 seems to be my max!
  • Keano
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    Congrats man now if you can get it once you can do it again 100%
  • Crossland
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    Well played mate
  • o0OainavO0o
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    Congrats, I somehow got the other end of the stick...
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