“This game man”

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Hello everyone. I’ve been offline on the forums for almost 6 months now and have almost completely given up on Fut and Fifa in general. The constant, delay, lag, and other b*lls*** that I’ve put up with during, champs and rivals has really put me off the game. Sure the content Ea are producing is exciting but for me it is still not sparking my interest. This is not how I planned it to be, I wanted to enjoy this game, but now I’m not sure. It might be best to leave and let the rich get richer. Feel free to leave your thoughts as I’m sure I’m not alone in my state of mind regarding the game at the moment...


  • Str8hii
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    Yea game is fun if you stick to gold 3 and random rivals other than that its just content but input lag is annoying and it gets worse and worse after gold 3
  • OZero
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    Delete your club then it would be fine
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