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An issue I feel doesn't get enough attention (headers)

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I'm referring to defending players running in one direction, jumping up and heading the ball to a team mate in the other direction.

An example that I feel occurs frequently for myself is:
  1. GK has the ball (in hand/dead ball/at feet),
  2. GK is being pressed by striker within a few metres,
  3. Gk kicks the ball in the air to open player who is a fair distance away (fullback or defensive midfielder)
  4. Pressing player turns and runs directly back with the direction of the ball
  5. Pressing player manages to stop on a dime under the ball, jump up, and head it in a new direction to his teammate.

My issue with this is it's not only frustrating to experience, as it should be an easy chip over to your wide open player, but that it's completely unrealistic and seems to defy physics.

You can't just sprint in one direction with all your momentum going that way, stop perfectly under the ball without even looking up, and then redirect the momentum of the ball with accuracy and power.

I've never really seen this brought up but it happens regularly to me and it drives me nuts. :|
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