Increase top 100allocation on the PS4

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I noticed that on XBOX on some weeks even with 26 wins you can creep into top 100 where as with PS4 you would be incredibly lucky to scrape in with 28 wins.

Do you think they should up the top 100 to maybe a top 150 or top 200 for the PS4

And just expand the bracket rewards i.e 200-150 then 100-150 etc just doubling it from current reward tiers


  • Jovand1988
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    Maybe it's just me though I do feel it would be fair to do so
  • Don_seanado
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    Nope, some of these PS4 top players are only on PS4 because it's easy game (larger pool of average - decent players). What they should do is hop on Xbox and enter the competitive scene from that end.
  • Jovand1988
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    That may be the case with PROS in the top end doesn't change the fact there are more people for the same amount spots.

  • Djkhalid1921
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    who cares, competitive fifa is for the 1%, most casual gamers cba with this pos. this is what ea dont realize, yep epic games does. i stopped silver 2 this week because the gameplay was horrendous...
  • I SiR MartY I
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    Its the top 100 for a reason, not the top 150.
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