4G router with wire on your pc and Fifa.

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Only possible internet connection where i live is 4G Air broadcast. Connection is stable for 4G, because we live near 4G tower and we have an 4G antenna. Ping is max 20 and 30/30 download/upload. I have no problem with other games, but often terrible lag or delay in fifa. Also my latency bar jumps from 2 to 4 bars.. never solid 3, 4 bars.. and certainly not 5.

I live in Finland and some of my finnish friends live 30km from me, play with good optical wire and don't have lag on pc. And then some other friends near me have delay in fifa despite perfect internet.

Should i consider playing with Ps4 because of bigger player pool, or is it even possible to have good fifa experience with 4G?


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    What kind of antena are you using ? Do u have USB dongle on it ?
  • humping_klown
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    some people have awful performance in online games with PC. (fifa)

    my stepson can't control his players (they score own goals , run the ball out of play etc ) and gets terrible delay . we thought it must be his ISP but his younger brother took his xbox one around to his house and played fifa ultimate team and no problems at all !

    is there anything with your PC that is similar component wise to the other people near you that have problems ? similar controllers ? gpu ? etc.

    my stepson is now building a ryzen based pc but i am unsure if this will fix the issue for him . he's currently using an older xeon cpu .

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