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Matchmaking not local

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edited April 2019
I live in the NE USA. Why on earth am I being matched up against people in Brazil?! Every time this happens I lose. The connection disadvantage for me is unbearable when I am matched against people in South America. EA needs to sort out the lag compensation. It is totally unfair.


  • D0lvl
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    I’m in the mid altlantic area of US and always get matched up with Central/S.American players. When I do, I have the worst gameplay. My players move slow, passes feel like I’m passing a bowling ball, and his players can run around my players. All the while getting the shush celebration and replays I want!
  • Pila4life
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    And WL has been used for Qualifiers... what a joke.. esports ready.
  • Theomanny
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    Have u ever considers football might not be popular among gamers in the Us and the numbers of people playing from your region has reduced considerably. Maybe American players have moved on to better games and u left being matched to players from countries who play more football games.

    You will find matches regularly in Europe all year. There is much option for Americans in terms of attachment towards certain games than your sa friends. Want better match up move to Europe?
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