Fifa addiction service thread!!!

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Was thinking it would be nice to have the thread where we addictcs can share our problems, since it's all anonymous.

If you have any sign of addiction to fifa or to gambling just share here.

I am sinful in spending too much time on my companion app and forums. Even though not playing very much now.
Luckily my family (wife and son) moved to the city I used to live alone for some time and I spend more time with them and less with Fifa. And this feels really great.
Also more focused on job I do, not getting distracted anymore on fifa universe events like I used to do. So some signs of improvement is evident.



  • Cornushon
    4846 posts Big Money Move
    You might argue I posted 3 new thread today so it's no improvement. But Ive just returned from disqualified and it's nice to have some forum binge on the bus home.
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