Champions League Revamp

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Here's the main proposal/talking point:


  • Kellnerr
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    Don't like it, completely favours the better teams. More surprise teams and more KO rounds are way more entertaining.
  • Boomba
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    Should be focusing on low tiered teams and finding ways to fund them so there's more competition across all tournaments, not just Champions League.

    14 games instead of 6 would just be absolute torture.
  • Shshj
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    Terrible idea, that's like a skewered version of the rumoured Super League.

    Unfortunately it seems changes like this are inevitable now.
  • Ahmer50x
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    Even though this would probably help my club, I don't like it.

    You should have to earn your way in.
  • Tornado31619
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    Why are they adamant about fixing things that aren’t broken?
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