Online Seasons ball bug

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Not sure if anyone else experienced it yet but all of a sudden the ball in the online seasons switched from default ball to the yellow generic EA ball for me (in both home and away games). I checked my settings and it is set for a default ball. Literally happened out of the blue.

I remember something like this happened a few years ago where it got switched to a 1974 WC ball.

Possible bug?

UPDATE: I uninstalled and reinstalled the game and the issue is still there. @EA_Andy you might want to pass this along so it can be patched.

UPDATE#2: looks like the bug is related to changing matchmaking settings from anything outside of “Default”. Once I reset the matchmaking settings the appropriate ball was used in my matches depending on which league was the the home team. When I changed the settings to custom the ball once again switched to yellow generic EA ball for all matches.

This definitely needs to be patched.
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