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Thinking of replacing rttf fabinho with Kante. He will be next to Ramos in cm. likely to work or am I going to miss fabinho’s height?


  • IamFrench
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    41212(2) ?

    Can you keep Fabinho in CDM ? TOTY Kanté is better in CM in this formation;

    Ramos - Fabinho - TOTY Kanté
  • Mc
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    Thanks for the reply.

    It will be 4-3-3(4)

    Messi cam
    Kante cm / Ramos cm

    Both Ramos and Kante will be instructed to stay back
  • Yusuf11
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    Height doesn't matter in midfield as much this year since not many people kick it long from goal kicks. He's the most annoying player for my CAMs
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