Anyone tried 88 Carniball Inaki Williams?

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What’s he like?

Looking for a packet strike partner for prime Raul that could also play on the wing if I switch in game to a wide formation.

He looks good but possibly suspect finishing?


  • Wortel1981
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    I've tried him, he is ok but not worth so many coins in my opinion, his finishing isn't that great.
    I've sold him and now using Flashback Doumbia and he is an absolute machine for me!
  • ILevis
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    I have him, he is very good

    He is big and has great physical stats but at the same time very agile and great at dribbling

    I usually prefer more agile players and dribble a lot, but at ST they often get pushed around by big CBs. Dont have that problem with Inaki Williams anymore

    Im using him with Sniper and his finishing is maxed out at 99 btw
  • sheffutd87
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    Might give him a go then lads, thanks!
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