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RTG : Ronaldo vs Messi - 4 Upgrades available

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2 of the greatest players of all time, but there has long been a debate about which of these players is the 'true GOAT'.

This road to glory will include toty Ronaldo and toty Messi in the same team and will see who scores/assists more frequently. I will also have toty De Gea in net, because I really don't want a bronze gk :D

Will be buying the players over the next couple of days and hopefully can start in time for the upcoming weekend league.

Messi and Ronaldo must always be on full chemistry
penalties and free kicks will be taken by whoever's team/country win the set piece,
I must use every outfield player from the teams they have played for, in order of rating,
I must change formation after every 20 games,
After every 50 goal contributions from either Cr7 or Messi I can upgrade 1 player
After 20 games with each payer I get 1 upgrade each

I welcome all forum members to give me team ideas and formations to use.

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