Any PIM Henry reviews?

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Knowing that rest shall be over 4m at the moment, I want to finish Henry this weekend. I have used his 93 all year loved his card beside the loss about 1m after selling him but he was a monster card, has anyone done it and used 93, DO you feel the difference or is it worth doing it ?
I had pele 95 which just sold I have 3.5m right now but looking for a striker to partner with CR7 up on top ?


  • Amdp9
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    I assume no one completed ?
  • Boommaametw3
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    Amdp9 wrote: »
    I assume no one completed ?

    Dude just buy Prime Eusebio mate. Henry isn't worth it cause of his work rates and he cost too much for an untradable.

    Get Prime Eusebio and have a sell on value even after tots is out instesd of untradable
  • Djkhalid1921
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    not worth it
  • GoonerJoe88
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    You can definitely feel the upgrade especially with the engine chem style. His balance is boosted to 80 which makes him feel quicker on all aspects.

    He seems more clinical, faster and his dribbling is perfect. His 94 feels like a SIF from his Prime. If you enjoyed the regular Prime you will really enjoy his 94 card.
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