Ea worst company on planet 2 years in a row

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What is this game they have released?! Every game cross and header with 10 men in their own box with AI defending everything and their GKs are superhuman.

How hard is it for players to play to their stats. Davison sanchez, kimpembe and david luiz play like maldini. Fabinho and pogba play holding mid like vieria and Rijkaard. Musa and rashford finish better than ronaldo. One game my rui costa can pass like xavi and the next like djemba djemba. You cant win without ea help and cant lose without ea help. I will never know if im a better or worse fifa player then everyone i play.

And before all those keyboard warriors and fan boys jump in just think anout what type of game this is. No game should be about abusing mechanics. I dont blame players for doing it, I blame ea for allowing it.

How this company have not been taken to court or looked into for their scams and lies is astonishing. They have monoploized the industry so this is the only football game available. The day another company creates a game with the right I think everyone will jump ship.

Anyway rant over. Enjoy your weekend league
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