Which icon cb?

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Which one is the best thinking either 92 Maldini or 91 blanc. But is there any others as good but cheaper?


  • Diggy
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    Blanc > Maldini imo but I preferred Prime Rio over both
  • Arron xox
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    Pim desailly as as been amazing for me
  • SimenHP
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    89 Blanc is more than good enough for ANY team and he is only around 550k (I also tried his prime, but didn't feel much different) I was going to do the Maldini sbc, but I think I'm going for Blanc sbc instead because Maldini is overpriced while Blanc is actually the best value for coins icon sbc so far for me.

    I feel like Maldini is only worth it if you go for atleast his prime. 92 Maldini feels like just another good defender (I had him with FB Luiz and Luiz was better), while his prime is the best cb I have tried (not tried his 95, because it's not much better stat wise, but alot more expensive)

    btw. if you don't have any cb atm. 88 Ferdinand and 89/91 Blanc is the best CB partnership you can probably get atm for under 1m
  • Pugzilla
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    That Moments Desailly is a unit, haven’t used him, but every time I play him he is really hard to get by.
  • Andy99TradeZ
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    Desailly or maldini
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