I mean...this Futbirthday promo is garbage

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I didn't think they could make another one worse than Carniball....but lord have mercy is this a terrible promo.

The weekly objectives are cool, but as I said earlier, all people do is just exploit it and it's not fun. But the SBC's have been garbage and stupid. The Lukaku one yesterday is just a p***take. This Ramos one is stupid, why all of the CB > STK and STK > CB?? And to top it off Ramos is like a BILLION coins lol

Also, zero Ligue 1 players for SBC's and this promo has one more day left. I guess no one uses that league anymore....


  • Pikandel
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    Besides EoaE Robben, this was a really dissappointing promo for me...

    Well, maybe my expectations were Too high
  • SJR440
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    It's been atrocious apart from the FB Villa.

    Everything else is just a bad joke on EA's part.

    Can't wait for it to end.

    Constant money-grabbing promos is killing the game for me.
  • MaddMike3711
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    Apart from like 3 cards, yeah it’s been awful.

    I do love my Maldini and Figo though! :heart:
  • mdizzl3
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  • Nktori
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    It's so bizarre because the framework is sort of there but the final decision making is terrible. The player choices for special cards in particular is strange.

    As for the PIM SBC upgrade.. Robbery.
  • Recoba
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    It would be ok for the regular Futbirthday you get every year but it's the 10th anniversary, should have been a huge event.
  • Gunnercp
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    Yep. Worst promo imo.

    These cb/st switched cards don't interest me in the slightest. Nonsense.
  • Seandimes
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    As usual, promo started out well with reasonable priced sbcs like Vidal or villa. Just went downhill from there
  • Pocketsquareguy
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    While I agree the promo has been terrible. I do think a few of the sbc’s have been good. Vidal, while expensive is absolute class. Willian, seems like pretty good value and based on playing against him this weekend, seems good. The saving grace has been the weekly objectives. Even if you don’t want the cards they’re worth a couple hundred thousand as sbc fodder.

    Now the bad. Idiotically priced sbc’s and just plain stupid position changes that nobody wants. I can deal with the cb to st, because it’s really cb to cdm and it’s a somewhat realistic. But the st to cb is the dumbest thing ea has ever done.

    Now the worst. The best and figo upgrades are the most disgusting thing EA have ever done. And only requiring 1 icon for Henry, screws over people that felt forced to prep with the 30 day timer. And for those that didn’t it makes doing the sbc take forever and likely creating the most boring two hours of your life you will never get back.
  • JayyThunder
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    I agree with everything that you guys have said. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this promo is trash.
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